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  Advancing AR15 / AR10 Rifle Technology







At HM Defense, our mission is to advance AR15 / AR10 rifle technology to its highest level. We strive to create rifles that are more accurate, easier to maintain and dependable in extreme conditions.

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HM10  Monobloc 308 WIN. (7.62 X 51MM)

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What people are saying about HM

 “HM Defense’s Monobloc HM-15 is truly something different, an AR15 style carbine with both a gas tube interface and muzzle device machined integrally into the barrel. If you believe that simpler is better, the HM-15 Monobloc is a serious step in your direction.”

- Keith Wood, Guns and Ammo


"The engineers at HM Defense have taken the best AR15 in the world – bar none – and moved it forward a quantum leap. The Monobloc system decisively solves a perennial weakness in Mr. Stoner’s original design and the stunning outcome is a rifle that is superior in reliability, durability, accuracy and maintenance; that is to say, virtually everything you want in a battle rifle. 

Moreover, for those who use suppressors, you will find the Monobloc rocks like a sewing machine under the widest range of gas pressure loads. In a nutshell, this one advancement, in my opinion, efficiently brings the AR15 / M16 platform to its near zenith."         

-David Elliott, Major, USA Infantry (ret.)


“In 35 years of military service I have used every version of the M16 family from the A1, A2 and the M4. My HM15 Monobloc is by far the smoothest shooting, has the least felt recoil and most reliable gun I have ever used. The ability to stay on the target due to the low recoil during rapid strings of fire is unprecedented. If I ever deployed again this is the weapon I would love to take down range with me.

- CSM Michael J. Vogt
Command Sergeant Major 2nd BN 152 INF REGT



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